The mobile phone is like having a TV in your customers pocket, as it empowers you to accelerate the ability of your business or brand

At CSM Group, we believe the importance a social media presence today is as valuable to a brand owner as knowing the position of the company's finances, it's become too powerful not to be part of an integrated digital marketing and media communications strategy.

Content messaging and communication is growing and has true value, and today more than ever, the mobile phone is like having a TV in your customers pocket, as it empowers you to accelerate the ability of your business or brand to communicate and deliver relevant content directly with the end-user.

The evolving social media marketing landscape allows you to target and tell your story exactly when and where people are paying attention, and cost-effectively map out buying decision-makers using a wide variety of multi-cultural languages and demographic touch points.

Today content marketing on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Linkedin, Instagram and Google Search, along with using Podcast and Text Messaging turns a brand from being a consumable product into a media owner – as you dictate, what, when, where your messages appear and how you react, engage, and comment in a way that traditional media platforms such as PR, TV, Press and Radio can no longer achieve or deliver

That’s where we come in, at CSM Group, we understand how to interpret the variables and the different aspects that can impact on your social media marketing and we do this by using various tools and skill sets.


Assigning a dedicated social media manager for your business – because social media is a marketing tool that’s not going away


Developing a social media strategy that is specific to your business needs and meets with your goals – this could be a mixture of social commentaries like a podcast, a YouTube channel, a Facebook group or a product film or ‘paid for’ social advertising across a series of platforms.


Creating relevant content calendars and creative platforms, that are keeping with the style and tone of voice of your website – which could be seasonal, promotional led or even time-sensitive.


Growth optimization and flexible daily content maintenance – ensuring your content stays relevant for the target audience.


Weekly reporting and on-going communication – confirming we’re delivering the best ROI.

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