Australians are social, and there's no stopping —

A Digital 2022 report shows the amount of Australians who are using social media is increasing by 4.6 per cent, and there are 21 million users of social media across the nation (almost 1 million brand new members) from the beginning of the year before, which is equivalent to 83 % of the total population.

Says Letrecia Tippett, head of Australia and New Zealand, Hootsuite: “As social media usage in Australia steadily increases, it is more important than ever before for companies to embrace social media to strengthen their connection with their customers. As Australians navigate through yet another challenging year of the pandemic, we encourage businesses to make use of the data from our Digital 2022 report to help them navigate which social media platforms will be most efficient in connecting them with their audiences.”

In addition to the growth in the number of social media users, Australians aged 16-64 are using social networks more every day, averaging one hour and 56 mins (10 percent more). Facebook remains the most widely used social network, followed by Facebook Messenger and Instagram in Australia.

We Are Social and Hootsuite Digital 2022 report finds 83% of Australians now on social media

The report highlights the importance of investing in social media. This report shows you can reach 15 million (58 percent of the number of) Australians through advertisements on Facebook, and TikTok can have an ad impact of 7.38 million people who are 18 and above.

Australian businesses are expanding their digital advertising efforts to appeal to a global audience. They are investing an additional $392 million (AUD$551 million) (18 percent growth) in programmatic and social media advertising, compared to the previous year. Social media accounts for 27 percent (US$2.6 billion or AUD$3.6 billion) of the total advertising on the internet, and programming makes up 78 % (US$7.5 billion/AUD$10.5 billion).

With a worldwide audience accessible via the web, Australian businesses are increasingly 

According to Tippett: “The significant uplift in advertising spending on digital platforms in the last twelve months is evidence that Australian companies are fighting for a share of voice and are looking to increase the reach of their customers through all channels online. As we progress, organizations must continue to focus on a digital-focused approach, to ensure that they don’t miss crucial opportunities to grow and attract potential customers.”

Despite Facebook being the most used application, Australians spend more time on TikTok. Users spend on average 23.4 hours per person every month (40 percent growth) using the app, as compared with 17.6 hours (3 percent decrease) using Facebook in addition to 8.3 hours per month (2 percent growth) for Instagram.

Ads on the TikTok platform are growing at a rapid rate. Digital 2022 Australia reports that the platform has reached 37 percent (audience of 18 and over) and is the 3rd most popular mobile application in the last year, putting it behind Service Victoria and Service NSW.

The report also discusses that gaming has become an integral part of life for Australians, and 3 out of four internet users between 16 and 64 play video games on gaming consoles on average for 1 hour and seven minutes per day (24.3 percent growth). It means that Australian online media spending on video games has risen by 25 percent and is currently in the range of US$716.9 Million (AUD$1 billion). Mobile is still the most popular game console, and more than 50% of gamers play games on phones (49.5 per cent).).

According to Suzie Shaw, the CEO of We Are Social Australia: “Online gaming has truly become a popular pastime in Australia, and many people are spending all week long playing. Through the entire pandemic, people have connected via gaming, and it’s transformed from an outlet for entertainment in a single room to an activity that involves connecting with families and friends and making significant connections. The game world isn’t easy and time-consuming. Still, considering the number of people playing and the amount of time spent on it, the thrill of gaming environments, and the creativity it offers, businesses should think about gaming as a part of their strategies in 2022.”

A report by We are social and Hootsuite – The Digital 2022 report provides an overview of internet, mobile, and social media usage and behaviours around the world.