The Future Of Communication: 10 Predictions For 2022

Red Havas finally released the renowned “Red Sky” Predictions of 2022. The report collaborates with Red Havas communicators experts from all over the world.

The aim is to better understand the changing nature of communication and how we can embrace the future to benefit customers- said James Wright, global CEO of Red Havas. The fact that change is inevitable motivates communicators to accept the changes.

The forecasts are:

Corporate Purpose

In the near future, brands will continue to shift their communication in the near future, employing new styles and voices to speak to subjects they may not have addressed, such as diversity equity, inclusion, diversity (D&I), climate action, and mental health. Consumers can expect these pledges to be translated into actions.

Personnel Gets Personal

Employers must embrace an employee-centric brand positioning that highlights how a job with the company will fit an employee’s life. Furthermore, the experience for employees must be in line with the promises of the message by embracing employees to be their authentic selves and responding to their evolving individual and individual needs.

Rise of Social Audio

Social audio is here to stay, and it’s time for marketers to start getting ready. The interest in this medium will continue to grow as consumers are introduced to it more and more. Social audio is a new way for consumers to listen to and share audio content. It’s also a way for brands and companies to reach their target audiences. Marketers need to be ready for this new trend by finding ways to work with their brand partners and ambassadors, as well as their social channels.

Social Focus

To meet growing expectations about how employers deal with HR and cultural issues, Companies will provide clarity and transparency to what they mean by their definition of the “S” in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). The companies will track and report their actions within their organisation and across the value chain.

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Safety with a Smile

There is bound to be an increase in safety-related messages in the hospitality sector. Companies that have an innovative and concise policy and communication will see an increase in employee engagement and satisfaction of guests.


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Third parties’ credibility will grow because of the increase in collaborations and partnerships with hotels, health and safety brands, and companies.


Power of Nostalgia

Businesses should seek out ways to draw nostalgia to the deepest level. They can achieve this through strategic partnerships and campaigns that bring warm memories to mind and build relationships to prove the future is bright.

Patient Choice, Patient Voice

This year, gender-based awareness is set to be integrated into pharma-driven disease education. Although there is no set of guidelines for this, the most courageous firms will stand up to the criticisms associated with inclusion.

Experiential Retail Renaissance

Brands need to reinvent the customer’s journey, and they’ll seamlessly blend retail and experience to reinvent how shoppers shop. In making a store an experience, brands can ensure that brick-and-mortar stores don’t just remain in business and relevant but also can complement the e-commerce initiatives and ultimately bring brands to life.

As Seen on Social” Is the New “As Seen on TV

As the number of TikTok and IG reels users increases, so does its usage as a marketing tool and the measurement of the success of online shopping.

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Social media is now an integral part of people’s lives. With social media growing increasingly important, it is expected that the “As Seen on Social” label can give businesses an advantage in the marketing of their products.

VIP Access to Creators

Exclusive content has created the possibility for creators to commercialise their work. Brands must compete with this model. It means finding genuine influencers and the perfect match to the brand’s image over the long haul.

Final thoughts

It is clear that communication will continue to develop in the coming years, and here at CSMG digital, the process has already begun. With these and other emerging trends coming in the near future, it’s easy to see why the way we communicate will change over the next 10 years – in addition to how technology is likely to be a part of the transformation.

Note – with thanks to Red Havas.