Top 10 Most Popular Websites In 2021: TikTok Takes The Lead

The successes kept coming for TikTok by 2021. TikTok became the top-ranked website knocking Google off its position as the world’s most visited website.


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To give context, here are the top ten websites worldwide ranked by popularity starting in 2021.


    1. TikTok
    2. Google
    3. Facebook
    4. Microsoft
    5. Apple
    6. Amazon
    7. Netflix
    8. YouTube
    9. Twitter
    10. WhatsApp

Tiktok, which is for sharing videos, became popular at the right moment. While many people were confined inside their homes because of the epidemic, TikTok offered users the opportunity to escape what was happening around them. This app continued to be a dominant force as dance videos went through the roof and more and more people got into the game. 

There are over 1 million TikTok accounts that have more than 100k followers. Many of those accounts are small businesses that use TikTok to advertise their products and services. TikTok has turned into a viral marketing goldmine for small businesses that want to get more customers through social media but don’t have the time or money to invest in traditional advertising.


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By beating Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix, TikTok proved that social media wouldn’t disappear anytime soon. By 2021, Google and TikTok were in a close race until the very end, when it claimed the crown.

In a year when many of us were forced to extend our couch time because of lockdowns, it’s incredible to see that TikTok was ranked higher than Netflix. TikTok’s video streaming service was in the Top Ten, but only narrowly was not on our top 5 list.