3 Things You Should Know for Creating a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media continues to be one of the most powerful tools currently available to explore and acquire new customers, and the most efficient way to promote services and products. 

Even though the majority of business owners run Social Media campaigns and reach their targets, SMM has turned into an exhausting process for many due to the lack of a concrete strategy, knowledge of good practices, and most of all, brutal usage of resources in gaining popularity. 

The list of reasons why SMM campaign can go wrong is endless because each campaign is unique and requires an individual approach for each business. To help you avoid mistakes and gain more from your Social Media Marketing campaign, we have identified the top 3 things that you need to know before, while and after running an SMM campaign.

1. Ensure You Have Quality Content 

Before you even starting running a campaign on Social Media, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right content for both your website and social network pages. 

This means that the content should look attractive, be informative, be real and deliver a clear and coherent message. The content needs to have a logical connection between the title, image(s) and text. 

Depending on your business, the content may be represented by a single image with text that’s applied directly to the social network site, or a blog post on your website, in each instance, you need to ensure that you have covered all of the components previously identified before you post on any social media network. 

By following the first choice, you have ready to use information delivered directly to the potential client, and there is no need for them to click further. 

However, if you want to connect your social media activity to your website, then the second choice is probably a good way to do it. Typically, this option is used when you are confident that more valuable information can be found on your website, and the social network presence is there only to serve as a prompt.  

Remember two things, firstly any of the content that is added to your social media pages needs to be both high quality and engaging so it encourages the visitor to scroll down 2-3 times. Secondly, only post content on social media, after you have identified your target group, defined the profile of your potential client and all other marketing materials have been created.

2. Use Paid For Social Media

Once everything has been set up, including having the right quality content and understanding who is your target audience, you might consider creating a paid-for social media campaign as a way to increase your brand, product or service in the market. 

But, before starting a campaign, you need to understand there are multiple options and platforms that you can use, and these include 

    • Web site 
    • Social Media Page 
    • Specific Products or services 
    • Articles/Blogs 

So, what should you promote first? 

Based on our experience across various industries and businesses, we would suggest you set priorities as follows: 

    1. Social Media Page

    2. Products

    3. Web site

    4. Articles/Blogs 

Whilst, this may not always be the right hierarchy for all types of businesses, it is in the majority of cases. If you use your social media page first, then you have the opportunity for the potential customer to view all your products, articles, and be guided to the website for more information, also by doing it this way you can start to build brand awareness and a healthy critical mass.

By promoting your products next especially top reliable products or services that you provide, you have the opportunity to build on the critical mass you have created during your brand awareness campaign.

Whichever way you go about using your social media you should always look to direct traffic to your website as this helps to engage further your brand, product or service with the potential target audience, this is particularly relevant if your website has been created as an e-commerce site.   

In order not to lose a single potential customer interested in your products and services, you must use rich keyword in any articles or blogs which you are using to capture your audience’s attention and grow your chances of converting them into leads, buyers, consumers.

3. Maintain Diversity and Grow

To accomplish long term results and create a rock-solid base for your brand, it is always good to explore alternative ways of maintaining your presence on social media and this is where you may need added creativity that not only includes new content and customer appeal but also supports what you have previously achieved by your use of social media pages. 

In this instance, it probably makes sense to appoint a specialist SMM agency that can help you not only develop the required creative work but also help you extend your business reach.

The key to achieving a successful SMM campaign is understanding your market’s demands, be flexible, act precisely and not to be afraid to use creativity as a way to improve your business offer.